You’ve lived an interesting life. You love to tell stories. You have a bizarre imagination… okay, a really weird imagination. YOU are exactly who I’m looking for to write the next best-selling novel. I’m crazy about a wonderful story. While I occasionally handle nonfiction, my heart is with fiction. I guess I love folks who work as professional liars.

Suspense wakes me up, slaps me across the face, and acts like ten cups of coffee. I love it. But don’t stop there. I go gaga over historicals, contemporary and historic romance, and even an occasional nondescript genre. While I shy away from sci-fi and most types of spec fiction, I have even been known to take one or two of those. I’m not looking for good books, I’m looking for great, exceptional novels that force me to stay plunked in my chair—reading. Reading, reading, and more reading without break. And while you’re at it, be sure you’ve developed a strong social media platform. Don’t you just hate that word? So do I, but alas, it’s necessary in today’s competitive industry.

Think your work fits the bill? Check out the submission guidelines and let me see what you’ve got!

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